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More feed manufacturers involved in German dioxin crisis

//06 Jan 2011

The dioxin crisis in Germany appears to be escalating and spreading across country borders. The latest information from the German Ministry of Agriculture indicates that over 2,700 tonnes of contaminated materials has ended up with 25 manufacturers of compound feeds.

Hitherto it had been estimated that only 12 manufacturers had been involved – and only 527 tonnes were distributed.

Farm numbers

So far it’s unclear whether the latest information will affect the number of livestock farms having to be quarantined as a precautionary measure. Estimations range to at least 1,500 poultry, pig and cattle farms in several states.

German public prosecution is now investigating whether the North German company Harles & Jentzsch can be prosecuted. This company manufactured fat components for the compound feed industry. It was with this company that the dioxin contamination was discovered. A company’s salesman has admitted mistakes have been made during production.


The dioxin crisis may also have spread across borders as one of the companies named in the contamination issue delivered at least 136,000 eggs to the Netherlands. Some egg products were further distributed across Europe.

The German Ministry of Agriculture said there was no delivery of fats to other countries in the European Union. All other countries had been informed on December 27.

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